About Us

Look behind the curtain.

As the premiere beauty salon in South Saint Louis, Studio Visage has been making people look their absolute best since 1995. Founder Kelly Brennan opened the studio to help revitalize the looks of those around her. Kelly understands that when someone looks their best, they feel better about themselves and what they do.

Stylisy Shelly Carnaghi thinks Studio Visage has an edge. "We not only keep up with the mainstream, but also surround ourselves with those locally who have a great sense of style."

One of the keys in that is stylist Malory Mahon. "Malory really brings that new sense of style that young people are looking for," Kelly finds. "She keeps us on top of what's hot right now and what's going to be hot in the near future."

As with Malory, Caitlin Neri is an important part of Studio Visage. As the youngest and most recent stylists to join the studio, she was inspired to become a stylist herself after being a client for years. "I started out by modeling for Studio Visage," Caitlin explains. She went on to graduate with advanced diplomas in haircuting, coloring, and styling. "After seeing how good Studio Visage made me look, I wanted to do the same for others."

With a team of expert stylists who stay on top of the latest trends and fashion, Studio Visage is widely known as the leading salon in South Saint Louis.

Stylists at Studio Visage are industry leaders:

  • Certified Hair Colorists
  • Certified Hair Extensions
  • Educator for John Amico Haircare Products