Hair Extensions

More hair without the three year wait.

Studio Visage is one of the few Saint Louis area salons that utilize both the highly acclaimed Cinderella Hair Extensions and the revolutionary Hairlocs Hair Extension System. Both systems are widely known as the safest type of extension, and are perfect for weddings, school dances, proms, and more.

Cinderella Hair Extensions

The Cinderella Hair Extension systems is 100% natural human hair and is applied on a strand-by-strand basis to add beautiful real hair.

With a special bonding agent and completely natural components, Cinderella is non-damaging and amazingly beautiful.

Hairlocs Hair Extensions

Hairlocs forgoes the traditional use of messy glue, heat, chemicals, sewing, or braiding to give you the easiest method of application and takedown ever developed. You'll also have the freedom to attach other hair pieces!

With Studio Visage's specially trained haircare experts and the leading hair extension system on the market, you'll be able to enjoy longer, fuller, and healthier hair without the worrying.

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